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Bolivian citizens ask for the same worldwide response as for the Notredame fire

Wildfires in the Chiquitanian Forest in Bolivia have destroyed an area twice the size of Luxembourg.

*Como apoyo a la tragedia que se está viviendo en esta región, Inbolivia noticias ha creado esta nota en inglés, para contribuir a la lucha contra esta tragedia.

| Por: Inbolivia

An area twice the size of of Luxemburg is destroying the Bolivian Chiquitantian forest. 500.000 Hectares have been consumed so far, in what is known now as the worst tragedy to ever struck this region. The area is in the department of Santa Cruz, which is bordering Brazil, the fire has been raging for the past 16 days and no international help has arrived so far.

Bolivian citizens have flocked to the social networks, to ask for international news coverage "All the attention is on the most northern fires in Brazil. What about Bolivia?, we also need help!" Claims one user on Facebook.

The slow worldwide response is being critized and has been compared, on how the world and the richest families have responded to the Notre Dame fire in Paris earlier this year. Let's remind that the Notre Dame fire had pledges for 850 million euro, one day after the fire according to France 24 news.

"The fact that the Notre Dame fire was declared a worldwide tragedy, i dont want to know what will they declare the fact that the lungs of the world have been on fire for 16 days and nobody is doing anything about it"

The area affected is one of the most biodiverse on earth, with exhuberant flora and fauna. Wildfires now threaten to expand all the way to the Pantanal wetlands, further increasing the danger of a massive ecological tragedy.

Firemen, soldiers, local comunities and volunteers have been trying to put out fires in the area. But their efforts are not showing up results as parts of the area affected are innacessible, they lack resources and the sheer size of the wildfire leaves them outnumbered.

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